Chargement en cours

Doing sports or cultural activities

Numerous sports and cultural activities are available in Bozel and surrounding. You can come and try if you want.

Come to join the harmony of Bozel in a friendly atmosphere.
If you like to play football, don’t hesitate to contact the ASB, they will welcome you well! The ASB is also playing lots of matches and event ...
Come and try singing (gospel music, folklore, popular music...) in a friendly and structured atmosphere.
Come to practice fitness, step, or other kind of different kind of exercise.
Come to try hip-hop.
Beginner or expert? You can come and try the mountain activities (climbing, ski touring, ice sports...) in a good atmosphere!
Come to sew, to knit, to embroider and to crochet with friends within the association in a good atmosphere.
Everything is happening in the club “la Sarrazine” (For senior), a lots of activities are possible (lottery, board games, fitness, outside ...
Come to try zumba, for everybody (children and adults) and every style.
If you like to practice paragliding you can reach the club Natur'ailes
Pilates is a mind-body exercise method focused on conditioning and balancing the body from the core postural muscles.
Come to relax yourself with the yoga.
Come to practice the badminton in a good atmosphere. Different time slot are available for young people and for adults.